An extraordinary promise, a promise of grandeur and opulence.

As the dragon year unfolds, families venture into a new chapter, united by tradition, bonded by love, and adorned in elegance. Our Lunar New Year 2024 Collection, a symbol of strength, power, and good fortune becomes a part of your story that would forever be remembered as the Year of the Majestic Dragon.

Each pair in the collection is a regal masterpiece, capturing the dragon's fierce elegance and timeless allure. From regal gold to radiant silver, they mirror the strength of the dragon and promises a year of unparalleled prosperity and sophistication. But what truly sets this collection apart is the inclusion of our exclusive Mother and Daughter LNY-themed series. They represent shared traditions, cherished moments between generations, and each set forged an unbreakable bond to create memories that would last a lifetime.

Indulge in opulence with the exquisite Majestic Meera Strapped Heels, adorned with intricate dragon motifs in luxurious silver and gold hues. The dragon, a timeless symbol of strength and power, graces these heels with its regal presence, offering a touch of sophistication to your festive ensemble. As you step into the Lunar New Year, bask in the elegance and traditions woven into every detail of these masterfully crafted heels. Not only do they elevate your style, but they also channel the blessings and prestige associated with the dragon, ensuring a truly opulent and auspicious celebration. Embrace the season with unmatched grace, symbolising a harmonious blend of tradition and luxury.
Introducing our exclusive Mother and Daughter Lunar New Year-themed series, an embodiment of shared traditions and precious moments spanning generations. With Zoelle Pearls and Crystals Encrusted Pumps, Rosalie Floral Point-toe Flats and the mini version of each style for your mini-me, these exquisite pairs symbolises the unity of past, present, and future, encapsulating the essence of Lunar New Year. Zoelle's lavish pearls and crystals encapsulate a world of elegance and grace, while Tamara's intricate floral design brings life to tradition. Celebrate the season with these shoes, marking a journey of love and legacy, where every step embodies the connection between mother and daughter, a treasure of a lifetime.
More than just shoes, Floy Leather Loafers are a symbol of auspicious beginnings and prosperity. Meticulously crafted from genuine cowhide leather with insoles in a resplendent shade of crimson, they are a nod to the lucky colour of the season, representing not only good fortune but also an auspicious path forward. As you step into the New Year, do so with style, luxury, and the promise of abundance in every stride towards a year filled with endless possibilities and blessings. Wearing them during house visitings is believed to bring good luck for the year ahead, making them a must-have for the festive season.

Adorned with delicate crystal embellishments and carrying a profound message, Florence Strapped Flats are expertly embossed with the words "Gong Xi Fa Cai," symbolising the heartfelt wish for prosperity in the coming year. The Lunar New Year Collection is designed to honour tradition while embracing the new, and these flats capture that essence beautifully. Step into the festivities with elegance and the promise of a prosperous year ahead, making every moment of the celebration special. These flats are a true embodiment of tradition, style, and well-wishes, ensuring you shine during the holiday season.

Explore the Lunar New Year 2024 Collection , and be part of this unforgettable tale with effortless elegance and comfort.

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